Set Up E-mail


I am a newbie. I have 3 websites on my account. I would like to set up an e-mail account so I can e-mail myself using a form.

Also, I can’t see the CGI folder to pop in a PHP form.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you kindly


Add email accounts in the panel:

And you don’t need a cgi-bin folder. Your cgi scripts will run no matter where they’re placed. If it’ll make you feel better, you can create a cgi-bin folder in your domain folder.



THANK you , Scott !


Here is my problem.
I host my new website ( on DreamHost.
Presently, I send form input to my real e-mail (
But I want to set up an e-mail to keep me invisible and let the form send to
I know you are suppose to get free e-mails with the account, but I have NO IDEA how to set this up.
If anyone one could help this raw beginner, I’d appreciate it.
(Thanx to Scott, I got my form working, now I just need the e-mail account !)


In the DreamHost configuration panel, go to Mail, then Manage Email, and then click on Create New Email Address.

You’ll get a form to create your address.

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Be sure to edit your post here to hide your email address. Something like, so spammers don’t get your real one. Same for the webmaster example you posted.



Thanx again Scott.
I changed it – you are a gentleman and a scholar !
Now, DreamHost set me up on G-mail. I got it working.
But is there anyway to have the G-mail e-mails forwarded to my regular e-mail? Or do I have to set up regular e-mail accounts on Dreamhost to make that happen?
Thank you,


Oooops, never mind, I figured it out. G-mail account has a forwarding tab. Thanx all.


There sure is :wink:

  1. Login to your Gmail account

  2. Click Settings (it’s up the top right).

  3. Click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” TAB.

  4. Mark the radio button labelled “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and type in your email address into the input field immediately below it.

  5. Save Changes.

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