Set up database with no domain name

i’m trying to install drupal on one of your servers which has no domain name pointed at it. the people i’m doing this for have a domain pointed at another host which contains their soon to be old website and don’t want to point that domain at the drupal site until it’s finished and tested. it doesn’t seem like i can add a database to or am i missing something?

You can add the along with a database address without affecting the original domain. You can then access the “DreamHost version” by applying the Hosts File workaround so your PC connects to DH rather than the original site while you’re developing it. When they’re ready to switch over all they need do is make changes to the DNS and the DreamHost version will “go live” as DNS propagation takes effect.

Remember to remove your Hosts file edit after DNS propagation.

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very helpful. thanks

you could also point an “A” DNS record from the domain to the dreamhost server you’re on, add the subdomain to the dreamhost panel and do it that way.