Set up a cronjob


I am sure it is simple, but after reading the wiki and googling, I just don’t know what to fill in for the Dreamhost cron job field: Command to run:

I have a php file that needs to run at certain times.
When doing it manaually in the browser, it works great.

The locating on the server/domain is:

So to have that file run a few times a day, what do I fill in at the textarea: Command to run:

I guess, according to all reading material, it is not as easy as just putting the URL in there.

Thanks for any help, Ron

Neverming after a long search I found something here

“Neverming after a long search I found something here”

this is sure to help future members who might have the same problem.


A good command would be this:


To become more comfortable with the related cron scheduling aspects of your question, try the interactive cron simulator at It gives you the chance to try out different values of the crontab timing parameters to see what run-times you would get.