Set InnoDB as Default for New MySQL Tables

Is there a way to set the default engine for new tables in MySQL to InnoDB?


I’m not even sure this is up to the original creation of the database. Which software are you using? I thought it was up to the software to decide how it wants to use the database.


I’ve looked at the DH Control Panel for any way to set this, and also phpMyAdmin, but I haven’t found anything that suggests I can set a default engine for new tables.

I believe there is a setting in the MySQL config file, but we wouldn’t have access to that I guess.

I need this, too!

I am working with mysql workbench. When I’m working within the model everything’s fine until I try to forward engineer or synchronize my schema:

Because Workbench will add the foreign key constraints into the initial CREATE TABLE query, the server throws an error, because the engine is set to myISAM by default.

I have the ability to select innoDB as the default engine in workbench, but that’ll only make a difference when I use the “create table” function in workbench (a dropdown will be preselected). Just running a plain “create table” without any parameters will create a myISAM table.

This tells you how to change the default storage engine, but I think that’s something that has to be done on DreamHost’s end.

After all, DreamHost clearly recommends to use innoDB:

Again: Without this setting it’s gonna be a pain in the butt to sync your server Schema with any Models that were created offline, at least when working with workbench.

I hope somebody from DreamHost reads this forum!