i am running my servlets on my jakarta-tomcat localhost which also save to a mysql database, but i am unable to upload them and make them work on DH? i have chaned the hostname and form action specifications but no joy???
where do i save the servlets?
can anybody help!

DreamHost supports servlets now?

thats what it says in the knowledge base? does it not?

Q. Do you support the Tomcat/Jakarta JSP engine?
A. No.

It also mentions on that page they do not support JSP, Enterprise JavaBeans, J2EE

They do support an obsolete version of Jserv, but there are some pretty heavy-duty caveats involved with that one. Maybe you can find a copy of Java Servlets SDK version 2.0 to play around with.

It seems like a dumb idea to program in a kitchen-sink write-only language with the added overhead of late binding. How about switching to something faster, lighter, and more maintainable, like c?