Services not becoming active


Earlier today (some hours ago) I enabled WebDAV access on a directory in my domain. I was told by the system that this action was successful, would be active in 10 minutes and I’d receive e-mail confirmation.

Similarly I also enabled “shell” / ssh access on my user account and was told I’d it would be active in (I think) 10 minutes and again that confirmation would come through.

Finally I installed Joomla via One-Click-Installs and once again saw nice green text saying all was well, it would soon be live & I’d get confirmation.

So far none of the above appear to be working for me and I’ve had no confirmation through. My user account does show up as “shell” in “Manage Users” but when I try to ssh into aquaman (my server) I’m told by that “This account allows only ftp connections.” Also the MySQL databases created as part of the Joomla setup also appear to be present but I can’t get to Joomla in the normal way (

Either I’m broken or something else is… :wink:



According to the Status Blog, the Aquaman server is having problems and is being moved.