Services down


[quote]Wondering what anyone else’s third-party uptime monitor says?
[/quote] lists my total uptime as 99.31%.
Edited to add–I’ve been using them since early September, so that figure includes the power outage downtime from a couple of weeks ago but doesn’t really give a long-term view yet.


This is really bad, my website is down again.

the past 6 days i’ve been trying to advertiste my site,

they’ve been down for 3 of the days.

so about a 50~ downtime so far in the most crucial times, iam looking for another host,

its down one day, up the next, and repeats, i haven’t had dreamhost for long, and im going to switch and am going to ask for my money back. this is unacceptable, especially without any notices, whatsoever.



That’s about how long I’ve been using it, too. Wonder why my uptime stats are so dramatically worse?


I’m amazed, and very sorry to hear about the kinds of problems people have had. I’ve been hosting sites (and signing other people up) on Dreamhost for years, and now the site I rely on for my livelihood has been subject to chonically recurring outages.

That site gets a couple of thousand hits a day, and it’s been down for an HOUR again today.

This outage situation has been going on for weeks and I’ve yet to receive a single reply that said anything other than “admin is looking into it…”

I’ve written at least three letters in the last week saying THIS IS A CHRONIC PROBLEM and all I get are vague answers, “… if it isn’t corrected soon…”

What is “soon” supposed to mean?

I’m in a situation now of dreading opening the browser because it’s hit-and-miss if the site is going to open, and I’m supposed to say, “oh, well they’re ‘looking into it’ and something might be done to fix it - ‘soon’. I feel so much better now!”

What is “soon” supposed to mean? How much more downtime do they subject people to before they do something about it?

I am so disappointed with this, it is not anything like the kind of service I’ve counted on for years.

Site’s been down for 90 minutes… and counting.

: (


Up, down, up, down…I don’t know what is going on, but what I do know is the timing of this FREAKING SUCKS! It is crucial to me to have a reliable site right now due for a wealth of reasons and I continue to see the "error id: “bad_httpd_conf” message.

Great for business.


[quote]I continue to see the "error id: “bad_httpd_conf” message


That’s a long-known problem independent of the yo-yo service issues.

When I got it, Support said:


though in my experience:

a) it can result from a panel change to 'type of web service’
b) it did not clear up in two hours. It cleared up only after I
alerted Support.


Exactly! I was given the 2-hour line. I have alerted them a number of times and haven’t heard anything substantial.

Which begs the question…why have a panel changes if it means your site is going to be unavailable?


Good question. But I’ve given up hoping for a straight answer from DH on this problem. Support can’t even agree amongst themselves on the b*llshit brush-off. One of them told me:

[quote]This should not happen again, it was a one time error.


yet it has been recurring for over a year here.

What I do believe is that the updates that can causes your site to do down with this error are not restricted to your panel - an update by /any/ user sharing your server can shaft your site. Very poor.


yep happening again, dreamhost has been terrible for the last 2-3 years…and it seems to be getting worse and worse even if they keep upgrading our plans for free, it’s really pointless if nothing works online.


I just read the announcements. How do you know if your server was affected? Was any e-mail lost during the services problem? I’m quite worried about lost messages. :frowning:


another day, and another downtime with all my sites…cannot log onto ftp or visit my own sites, at least i can still get email.


I can’t ssh into my machine (or use sftp):
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

First noticed the problem at around 9:00pm PDT, Sept. 30. Everything else still looks ok (actual site, mail).

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I’ve gotten the connection closed by remote host before, when I was behind a firewall, could this be the case for you? It may well not be, especially if you were able to get in before and you’ve made no changes to your firewall, but I just thought I’d offer the possibility.



What do you guys think the best alternatives to dreamhost are?



Thanks for the reply. I doubt the problem is on my end, as I successfully connect to my DreamHost account numerous times every day via ssh and sftp. I’ve made no changes to the settings on my end. Regular ftp still works fine. I’ve also submitted a help ticket, but I like to post in the forums while I’m waiting so that I can commiserate with others :slight_smile:

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