Services down

My websites are down at the moment (on “absinthe”), together with email and FTP. I’ve already opened a support ticket, but I thought I’d mention it here.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Services have now returned. All is well with the world.

Well, almost.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I just got a reply from support that everything is happy now, but my sites are still all inaccessible.

I think I’ll use this free time to look at some other hosting companies. I’m sick of the down time.


And while I’m ranting, DH still can’t seem to provide any status when they’re having issues. I checked the announcements, the blog, the emergency status page, nothing. I have to send in a G.D. support request to get my G.D. sites working again.

I’m on scotch and have mail but no web, ftp, ssh, or jabber. Submitted a ticket but thought I’d chime in here, too.

[quote]I’m on scotch


There’s an idea. I’ll join you :slight_smile:

My sites have been down (on pico) but are now up again, and MySQL seems a little slow.

I too went hunting round the DH site looking for a some sort of status message. Something as simple as the traffic light system that they use at would be just dandy, would be human-maintainable and would probably stop a deluge of support tickets being generated every time this happens.

Mike :slight_smile:

Second that on MySQL.

vermouth was down this morning but very soon after I notived and sent a note DH it was back up. Databases are still crawling though.

Yep. MySQL (tib) slow, also http downloads (patton) slow. MP3 downloading at 8kB on my 1mB line (running at full speed else where on the net). Not good when your trying to optimise your site and test changes :frowning:

We need better status info, there are always posts about DB crawls etc on this forum, but never any official mention by DH on blog/status/announce where it should be. Maybe a quick e-mail to customers on the same servers that have been reported/found faulty.

my site isn’t even up…olympic…

My server (nexus) has been flaky ever since last night. The page showed some maintenace was scheduled for last night but should only have affected webmail and the control panel. Well it took down my site entirely for some time.

Ever since then my site has been up and down all morning, and when it’s up it’s ridiculously slow too. The page seem to have reverted back to 9/14 and last nights update notice is now gone.

I am guessing they’re still having router issues, better have it fixed soon!

now my site is super slow (olympic)

Are you sure it’s the servers? I think DreamHost had some network issues. I know something was up with Global Crossing because I was getting routed to Level3 and then Mzima today, about an hour or two ago.
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Did your server come back up. Mine has been down and back up several times the last coupl of days and now I can’t access through the browser or FTP or any other method.

anybody notice mySQL being down? or up and down?

I don’t get it. Dreamhost used to be fantastic. Their support for these things sure has dwindled. Rather than giving me double the disk space, how about twice the service - or at least reliable uptime.

yeah… i don’t want the double disk space… i want better quality service and less crowded servers.

it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that we’re on overcrowded servers because I have many accounts w/ dreamhost… whenever I sign up, the servers run ok… overtime… when they pack more accounts on the same servers… performance decreases from .02s page load to .5s page load… and i’ve noticed this just about everytime i make another website for a client… i’m soooo FED up with this BS shows my total uptime, forever, as being 94.56%. Wondering what anyone else’s third-party uptime monitor says?

Mine says 99.3%.

[quote]DH still can’t seem to provide any status when they’re having issues.


Here at SH there are service failures almost daily, so providing accurate status would probably cost more manpower than DH can afford.

[quote]Did your server come back up


Oops, forgot to come back and post an update! My total downtime was fairly short–support replied to my ticket in less than half an hour and said they’d had to reboot the server I’m on. No problems since that I’ve been able to detect.