"Service Unavailable" caused by code error?

software development


I am totally puzzled by this. I don’t know if DH changed something or what, but my script that has worked for a couple months suddenly is having trouble. It’s giving me an error “Service Temporarily Unavailable” half the time. It’s a simple script, where you pass it some text and a few options and it prints it to a graphic and saves it as a gif. Now it’s being picky about what text it will print, giving that error when it refuses. I can’t correlate any particular change in text to when it errs. And I don’t understand why my error handling doesn’t work and it gives me the generic Sevice Unavailable error instead of giving a code error.

I’ve tried several different text strings, just random things, and made a list to try to identify what it’s not liking, but like i said, i see no pattern.
For example this works just fine:

mystatus2.php?username=gnznroses&password=PASSWORD&text=*BFreeGadgets4Me : GReceived $2 25B||FreeComputerAddons : *GReceived DVD Burner&font=crystal_clear&background=white

yet this doesn’t:
mystatus2.php?username=gnznroses&password=PASSWORD&text=BFreeGadge teive225B||FreeComp utnerB||Tr oonB||Free Pae*B||&font=crystal_clear&background=white

[note that in the url the spaces are url-encoded, a % sign then 20, but this forum is converting them]

Why would the script give a 503 error if it’s caused by the code? And why would it work fine for months and now it suddenly has this problem?


i’m being told by others that 503 - service temporarily unavailable is definitely a server problem and should not be caused by any code problems. so should i contact DH support or will they not help with anything related to scripts?


have some new info in case it’ll help anyone identify the problem:

[Fri Mar 10 09:41:15 2006] [error] [client] mod_security: Access denied with code 503. Pattern match “\|+.[\x20].[\x20].*\|” at THE_REQUEST. [hostname “bashfreebieguide.com”] [uri “/mystatus/mystatus2.php?username=USER&password=PASS&text=AnyGift4Two : *G??*B||FreePay: GiftCards : *G4 / 5 *Y(1 Pending)*B||FreePay: Laptops : G0 / 20B||FreePay: PS3s : G0 / 8B||FreePay: PSPs : G0 / 5B||FreePay: XBox360s : G0 / 8B||Trainn: YourPS34free : *G0&font=gapstown&background=transparent”]