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I have a some questions about the various DH services.

  1. If I have two domains say and and use DH as the host the web directories for the domains would be /home/username/example and /home/username/example2. Correct?

  2. DH allows outside access of your host’s MySQL databases by adding allowable hosts. Would the address used by the outside host be something like or is it completely separate from

  3. One of my domains deals with alot of user created content and as a result the domain has many large files (100+ MB) being downloaded. Does DH allow downloads through http not just through anonymous FTP? Is there a set cap on those types of downloads? For example, 150 KB/s per user.

  4. If I use one of the many promo codes that comes with extra domains or space are those free for as long as I stay with DH or only until the first billing cycle? For example, if I used one with an extra domain would it always be free? I know that the amount off is only at signup and the price returns to the original price when the account is renewed.

  5. If I were to transfer my domain registration to DH when I initially signup the transfer is free inplace of a free domain. Now does this work in reverse. Say I signup to just host with DH (using my existing domain) and I get a free domain. Could I at a later time decide to transfer my existing domain and give up the free domain I have (but not registered) to get the free transfer? Also if I were to transfer the domain at signup or later maybe using extra domain from a promo code, is that domain now free as part of the hosting or is it an extra charge as if I bought the domain from DH?


You are right! You can also create a new user for a domain. It will be then something like this: /home/user1/example and /home/user2/example2

It will be

There is no anonymous FTP in hosting plan by default. If you need anonymous FTP, you’ll need to purchase a unique IP first. A unique IP is $3.95 / month

Yes, they are free as long as you keep your hosting plan here. Cool eh!! How it works here is that you will receive credits every year. You can use these credits to register new or renew domains. All the hosting plan gives a free lifetime domain. If you use a promo code, for example one gives 3 free domains, you will receive 1 3=4 credits every year. You will have 4 free lifetime domains in DH.

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I spent some time reading this question. Yes, you can give up not register the free domain at the beginning and transfer your domain to DH later.

But you can’t use a promo code to enjoy extra discounts once you open an account. You will probably need to decide now which promo code you are going to take. If you want to buy extra domain from DH, it will be $9.95/yr

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I had a few alternate answers to a couple of questions:

You’re mostly correct. By default using your exact examples, your default web directories would be:

Your mysql hostnames can be any subdomain that you create. You create a subdomain specifically for mysql use and it can be whatever you want as long as it’s either a dreamhosters subdomain or a subdomain of a domain you control.

Downloads through http are only limited by apache limits on filesize. That said, our download speeds aren’t blazing, but are respectable. Search this forum and you’ll find examples of download speeds that various people are getting.

Don’t forget to look around here for some good upload scripts like uber-uploader. There is a limit on the filesize that we can upload using php and uber-uploader seems to be the most highly recommended alternative.

<promo code question snipped because everyone else has given great answers that are complete and there’s nothing I can add except to verify everything they’ve said!>

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