Service down for more than 3 hours!

All my sites are down on Redondo server for 3 hours now (7 PST) wether they are with their own domain name or dreamhosters sub-domains. 12 hours ago, I experienced some break of service ( /- 20 minutes each) and tech support told me then:

[quote]It appears that this was related to the network issues that we had this
morning. Please refer to our status blog:[/quote]
…but status page doesn’t reflect anything about this issue and for 3 hours now tech support remains as quiet as a mouse :frowning:

I would like to know if other users are experiencing same blackout and in particular other Redondo’s tenants in order to delimit the scope of problem (some user on Dawber server complaint already for the same through DH chat).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yup, I am on Dawber and the site is not technically down…but almost dead. It just hangs…as does ftp.

I sent in a support request this morning.

Hope your server and mine are happy again…soon.

Yep. I’m also on redondo…and all sites are down. Can’t connect with FTP either. Sent a support request. Hopefully they work it out soon.

Thanks forgotusername and cloudysunshine for adding your feedback. It really helps to know you’re not the only one lost in the working servers interstellar space :s

I can now have a break, kneel down and just pray to techsupp god…

Dawber is back up…hopefully redondo is next…keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Thanks again :wink:

Redondo is again up, but I’m still a bit scared because yesterday, I experienced several up and down. Yet I don’t know if the cause of the problem was really trapped, e.g. some user’s script abuse identified, or if the server was just restarted.

Still kneeling…

How do you know on which server you are?

Cause mine is still down.



you can log in to the panel, go to status, disk usage. it will show disk usage by user, go to Detail and at the top

DETAILED DISK USAGE it will have your username on yourservername

that is your server

Yeah, everything’s working now for me too on redondo. Thank goodness.

Thanks forgotusername.

Well conclusion is simple : look is down :frowning: