Service Disabled on Creation

I just started a hosting service account for my friend whom I am building a website for. I got the domain from go daddy. Was doing everything as usual, got all his information right. Created a new email for him. As soon as I made payment, It logged me to a " This account was disabled September 10, 2021! Please contact us if you have any questions". Has anyone else had this issue, I submitted a ticket but nothing yet. It’s a little annoying to be honest. I read around they have really good service and was looking forward to trying it out. I guess host gator it is.

Guess you’ll find out what the problem is. Likely either the account or the CC has some troubling history.

BTW - Host Gator is the worst.

I haven’t yet, pardon my ignorance what’s the CC. I know host gator isnpretty bad but idk what else to go with. I’m new to this. I made all new accounts for him. New gmail, used all his correct information. So I don’t think there is any bad history there.

CC = Credit Card

Have patience. Everything will get worked out. Give it some time. DH is a very good host IMO.

Thatbwas their response. So I guess it’s a no go and I’m gonna have to shop around. It was a handyman page I was trying to build. Nothing crazy, used his personal cc so idk how it was considered fraud by them. Very silly.

Hostinger’s “Premium Shared” deal might be suitable for a handyman website.

4 years hosting and 100 email addresses for under $125.

Thanks, I’ll look at it and discuss with him. I know he wants a year plan because of money reasons. Him just starting to go solo and all. I do think getting the 3-4 year plan is better but let’s see what he says. I was also looking knownhost and bluehost. I have used bluehost before, their service is very easy to use. I just didn’t like the loading times for it.

If he can make do with a single email address, the “Single Shared Hosting” deal is ~ $40 for the first year.

… or you could host the site on Oracle free tier and pay $0 per month :slight_smile:

I think one email will be enough. Like I said he is just starting. So I will definitely look into those options you mentioned. Thanks everyone for all the help!