Servers Have Been Slow

I have hosted around 50 domains with Dreamhost for more than seven years and I have never been displeased with Dreamhost as a whole. Infact, often times I refer people, clients, and family members to Dreamhost. To be quite honest, I have found myself defending DH and praising DH. I have watched DH grow since the Harvey Mudd College days in 1997 and 1998 and what a trip it’s been. Infact, I was in a couple art groups with one of the founders.

When you become a client for over seven years, you expect a great product - in this case that service would be hosting. I can’t quite remember when it began, but I believe it was about two months ago that I began going from a generous client to an unsatisfied customer.

It seems for the past couple months my websites have gotten slower and slower, my e-mail takes a tad bit longer, and I am left wondering if my websites are hosted on the server located in the basement right next to the old furnace.

Here’s my two cents. Let’s concentrate on giving existing customers what they originally came to DH for. Promo codes are nice to attract new business but let’s offer better promo codes for those of us who been here through thick and thin. I can see where your priorities are and while that’s a shame, I would hate to transfer all of my domains to a new host.

I’ve just signed up with Dreamhost last night and I’m also quite surprised to see my site having such slow loading time. I hope this is only due to switch overloading, to which, according to them, will be resolved soon. But it seems that this forum load time is fast as ever. Hmmm…?

It took me 2 months to make this decision to switch from another great provider. So, please keep your service level up guys. I really hope I will not be dissapointed.

I totally understand where you’re coming from. You show loyality to a company and then it feels like you’re getting screwed over for new customers.

What has support said in reply to your messages? Does it seem like they’re willing to work with you on the problem? Even if it doesn’t lead to a solution right away that’s definatly something.

–Matttail - personal website

And now every effing thing is down again.

I’m outta patience.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been here in '96 or 97 (I forget which) and while I love my upgraded amounts of bandwidth and space, they are nothing if my site is down so much of late…

If the equipment can’t handle the load, either stop promising what you can’t supply, or quick pissing off your old reliables for the newbs who’ve jumped ship at the first bump (as many have according to this board this week).

I have had some speed issues this week and a couple of short outages, given the recent hardware problems at DreamHost I guess this is to be expected.

Things seem to have returned to normal now (except for the 500 server errors on this forum :frowning: ), I have my fingers crossed that nothing else breaks.

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