>>>servers down<<<

Dreamhost has officially gone kaput…the name servers are experiencing a major outage…just reported it, but there isn’t any status reports available…seems like a system wide issue that definitely should be shown on their system status page…everybody, check your websites to make sure they are still functioning! Most of my peeps are telling me that some of their secondary sites went down as long ago as 4/2…what gives???


Haven’t noticed any problems myself, maybe just lucky I guess

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All is working for me too. Either it was a very short lived glitch, or it’s just your own bad luck :frowning: . Hopefully support will be able to help you solve the problem quickly.

As far as the earlier date, there was a major DNS outage due to DOS accack Easter Sunday (4/8 IIRC) - but that has been totally resolved.

art.googlies.net - personal website

Nothing down here.

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I’ve been having lots of websites going down lately.
Sometimes 2,3,4 times in one day. And multiple websites at a time.

I’d recommend everyone go to:
Montastic: the free website monitoring service
and sign up all of your domains and be horrified on how many times your websites are unreachable.

I’m starting to regret switching from Yahoo to Dreamhost. :frowning:

It’s an odd, unlucky combination of (another) file server problem, and Friday the 13th.


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Yup, my sites are down a lot. All of my sites have been down for almost an hour and no response from support.

All my web-sites have been down for a few hours (I guess). Not recovered yet.

I’m on ‘monster’.

I have submitted a supporting ticket to DH.

UPDATE: I have got a reply from DH within 10 minutes: “there’s a problem with one of the file servers that your webserver mounts. We’re working on getting it fixed right now, and hope to have it resolved shortly. If things do end up taking longer than expected we’ll post an update at dreamhoststatus.com

UPDATE: the server is back to service now. :slight_smile:

Martin Lam

Never saw an issue here, must have been just isolated to that server.

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Is the site in your sig (http://www.game.st) one of your sites? It’s up for me - very slow, which really isn’t surprising:

Documents (3 files) 13 kb (98 kb uncompressed)
http://www.game.st/category_6.html 7 kb (81 kb uncompressed)
http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/ads?.… 3 kb (9 kb uncompressed)
http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/ads?.… 3 kb (9 kb uncompressed)
Images (43 files) 594 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/218.jpg 53 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/98.jpg 39 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/133.jpg 34 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/88.jpg 29 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/122.jpg 29 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/121.jpg 27 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/92.jpg 24 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/126.jpg 23 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/69.jpg 21 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/124.jpg 21 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/224.jpg 19 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/62.jpg 19 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/55.jpg 18 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/144.jpg 17 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/153.jpg 16 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/68.jpg 16 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/156.jpg 16 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/149.jpg 16 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/184.jpg 14 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/232.jpg 14 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/217.jpg 13 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/216.jpg 12 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/233.jpg 12 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/146.jpg 9 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/178.jpg 9 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/195.jpg 9 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/204.jpg 9 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/222.jpg 8 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/191.jpg 8 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/247.jpg 6 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/256.jpg 5 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/291.gif 5 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/215.jpg 5 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/267.jpg 5 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/39.gif 4 kb
http://www.game.st/pic/6.gif 3 kb
http://www.game.st/images/game_st.gif 3 kb
http://www.game.st/images/close.jpg 1 kb
http://www.game.st/images/open.jpg 1 kb
http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/abglogo/abg-en-100c-ffffff.png 1 kb
http://www.game.st/images/starLittle.gif 298 bytes
http://www.game.st/images/starLittleHalf.gif 296 bytes
http://www.game.st/images/starLittleEmpty.gif 131 bytes
Objects (0 files)
Scripts (2 files) 5 kb (13 kb uncompressed)
http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js 3 kb (11 kb uncompressed)
http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/graphics.js 1 kb (3 kb uncompressed)
Style Sheets (1 file) 2 kb
http://www.game.st/includes/game_style2.css 2 kb
Total 614 kb (708 kb uncompressed)

with a page size of over 600kb, plus javascript, plus google syndication, it looks to me like it is crippling itself! :wink:


Hi, rlparker,

You wrote: “Is the site in your sig (http://www.game.st) one of your sites? It’s up for me - very slow, which really isn’t surprising”

Yes, it is a site be hosted on DH. I thought all the sites should be slow on DH – I am from Asia and all the web-sites overseas are slower than that we host locally…

Thank your for your kindly comments! I really think I need to slim down my web-sites. :slight_smile:

Martin Lam

No problem, Martin! There are a lot of things that can slow down a site, and any number of things between Los Angeles and Asia could be contributing to it.

That said, it can never hurt to “lighten” a site - it is even more important when the site is starting to load slowly :slight_smile:


Not really sure the problem…but I have at least 20 sites down currently - just received word that ‘A few servers are having trouble mounting one of the file servers they use. A quick list is amp, orangebang, ovaltine, tea, coffee, monster. We’re working to fix this right now, so if you’re on a server who’s name is drink themed please hold on.’ followed by: ‘We just got word from one of our datacenter providers that our LAX datacenter will be going to generator power tomorrow morning (Saturday April 14th) around 7:30am for a few minutes. There is no planned outage, just a very, very small chance of one for most of our dedicated servers, and shared servers who’s mail server is ‘frisky’. Again, right now we are not expecting any downtime for any servers, we just wanted to pass on this warning of a very small chance of one.’



I am now in Hong Kong and had checked your site. It load in about 8 secs, which is not too bad for an oversea site.

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