Server's Clock

Hello everybody
I live in Switzerland and I know Dreamhost’s is placed in USA (right?).
So we have a different clock than yours and I don’t feel me very good every time I install a software on my account to change the time (which is a problem, because I haven’t found yet the right time-difference). I think there is a 7-hours different clock (your time + 7 hours) but I’m not sure.
I’d like to know if there’s a feacture in your control panel which allow me to change the server’s clock for my domain only (or if I can do this throught .htaccess, but only with one (global)).
Please let me know.
Sincereli, rossinis.

In your .htaccess file you should insert a line that reads:SetEnv TZ Europe/ZurichNote that if you’re running processes from shell or in crontab, you’ll need to edit your .profile or crontab input file to include a line that reads:

export TZ="Europe/Zurich"to properly implement the timezone for stuff at the OS level - the .htaccess setting is purely for the Apache daemon.

but doing so I have to do this for each sub-domain I have
Is there any other way to do this globally (only one time for all subdomains)?
Sincerily, rossinis.

Only one way I can think of, and that’s to use a hosting company in Switzerland.

But to answer your question, “no”, there is no way to change this globally without changing the actual server time, and “yes”, you will have to alter the “.htaccess” file in each subdomain. On the bright side, it’s a one-time adjustment and doesn’t require anything in the way of maintenance.

OK I just understood.
But know, when I try to download some software ()exactly gallery2) fro ma mirror I see I cant save it because it says that the disk is full (Cannot write to `gallery-2.2-rc-1-full.tar.gz.1’ (No space left on device).)
I want to know more about this, so I just looked at phpsysinfo and I see it was right: it’s full, but why ? (
Please let me know.
Sincerily, rossinis.

PS: I don’t want to use one click software installer because I prefer to do all this manually

There appears to be a fairly widespread problem at the moment, which results in disk full errors, see the thread linked below for more details;


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yes but when it will be fixed ? It’s an extremely urgent problem and it has to be fixed in 5 minutes maximum
Sincerily, rossinis.

Don’t hold your breath. It’s not that trivial to add space in an emergency, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.


ok I understand
But … there’s a but …
when I try to unarchive a file (precisely a tar.gz file) on your server from your server with ssh, I extract nothing with “tar -xvf filename.tar.gz” but on my linux computer that’s the only way to extract the content of this file.
Why doesn’t it go on dreamhost’s server ?
Can you give me any suggestions or an how-to for tar.gz files on dreamhost server please ?
Sincerily, rossinis.

I’m not DreamHost (just a customer), but I’d try some different things for this:
gunzip filename.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

However, when I want to create a compressed tarfile, I do this:
tar -czvf filename.tgz sourcefiles
tar -xzvf filename.tgz


thank you very much
now I know how to do … usually I do the tar -xvf filename.tar.gz without gunzip it before
thank you very much and sorry for my stupid asking
Sincerily, rossinis.

PS: it seems that the disk space continues to be less (with phpsysinfo I see there are only 35MB free on each server)
If you want to see, look at

mmm … but now I created a .htaccess with the firsyt line you told me but the server’s clock is not yet changed … it says 8 o clock (moring) but there are 9 hours more too. With the file it doesn’t seem to go … can you see in
at the bottom of the page in this moment there’s written 08.50 … but here is 17.50 … (9 hours more)
Can you tell me why sorry ?
Please let me know

now it’s ok

but I created the .profile file in the root of my parent directory of all my subdomain and in one subdomain’s directory and when I try to add it to cron it says to me:
"[sunkist]$ crontab .profile
".profile":0: bad minute
errors in crontab file, can’t install."
Have you any idea ?