I created an instance in CloudCompute of DreamHost. I connected the serverpilot to manage the instance.
It creates a different user dhc-user, called serverpilot. When I try to access the server via SSH, user “serverpilot” returns the following error:

Server refused our key

Access the server typically using dhc-user along with the generated .ppk.
How can authenticate the new user?

Hello Ivan,

I’m not familiar with serverpilot, but I can give you some information on users and SSH keys with DreamCompute. By default, we build in a user named dhc-user into our images. When an instance is booted, the SSH key you provide is injected into the authorized_keys file.

If you’d like to boot the instance with a different user and key, you’d need to use cloud-init in the Post-Creation tab when launching an instance. It gives you the flexibility to provide additional config options when booting a new instance. Here are some examples -