Serverpilot Configuration Fails

I’ve been trying to connect serverpilot to my DreamCompute instance, the install of serverpilot almost completes, but in the last stage of testing the server configuration it fails.

I have tried creating new instances using Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04.
Manual serverpilot install, same results 5+ times.

Any ideas on what else to try? Maybe configuration for the instance needs changing?

I’ve used Serverpilot for my DreamCompute instances without a problem with the manual install.

Once you have the DreamCompute instance spun up, follow these steps.

  1. Login to ServerPilot and click on Connect Server.
  2. Enter the IP listed on the DreamCompute Dashboard for the instance.
  3. Check the “I don’t have a root password or public IP address. (Requires manual install.)” box.
  4. Enter the hostname of the server.
  5. I uncheck the “Enable SSH password authentication if it’s currently disabled.” since I use my access keys.

You will see what you need to copy and paste into the terminal connection you have to start the process.

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