I’d like to have something clarified, by someone that knows his stuff :slight_smile:

When I check the load on my server, it’s prety high (load average: 8.23, 12.42, 31.94), the 15 minute ave. even went to 45…

I know what that means, is getting slow. But when I check top in my terminal, it only shows me logged in and using top, and the php5.cgi pops in now and then (using about .03 seconds). The thing I want to know is: does it show ALL my processes running? I have a bunch of sites running, so I wonder if it shows info of all of them combined (which I hope it does) since I’m looking at it from my account?

When I ‘top’ my own box (at home) it shows alot of processes…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Top shows all processes for the user you’re logged in as. The load number reflects the load from all users on the server. Contact support if you find your site running particularly slowly.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Thanks Emufarmers

I did contact support and got a reply just now where they confirm the serverload fluctuating to high numbers. A serveradmin will check it.