Server vs Database

Before I get too far into a project I’m working on, I need to know something. Is there an advantage to either storing images in a database or on my server? For my purposes, I think it will be easier to store images in a database. Is there a hidden catch that I don’t know of?
Thanks for your opinions!

Generally, storing images in your database will put much more strain on the database itself. I avoid it, especially in shared hosting situations.

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i think it’s harder to store images in the database, because then you have to write a script to pull them out and serve them with the correct content-type. it might seem like there’s an advantage if you want to restrict access to the images, but you can actually achieve the same thing by storing the image files in a directory outside of the document root for the site. if you have data in the database that has to do with the image and want them linked, i suggest storing just the image filename in the database.

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