Server view via FTP Question

I signed up a few days ago and i have a question about the folder structure etc on the server when connected via FTP
I can logon via FTP, and I see my site folders, but when i enter the folder there are no subfolders. My previous host i would see html, cgi-bin, etc
Is this normal for Dreamhost?
Could it be an issue with the site not being confirmed on the server side? problem with my username/password?
If anyone has some information on this, I would appriciate it…

This is correct. the folder is the “html” folder. Everything placed in that folder (or sub-directories there of) will be accessable by your site visitors. You don’t need a Cgi-Bin, the cgi will excuite anywhere in your public accessable area as long as it has an extension of .pl or .cgi


But you don’t have to organize your folders that way. I prefer for each domain to have some private folder space completely outside the web folder. I also like to have all of my domains collected in a single folder inside my main FTP root.

So, when I create a domain, I change the web directory from the default:




This also happens to be the same directory layout my TextDrive account has, so it makes it easier for me to switch back and forth between accounts.