Server unreachable?

Has anyone else been experiencing problems accessing DH’s pages (as well as various sites hosted by DH) these past couple of days?
Yesterday, for over half a day*, I kept getting ‘server unreachable’ or ‘request has timed out’ messages while trying to access this forum, DH’s home, my site, and a few other DH hosted sites. Things got back to normal in the evening. But the same errors came back this morning** for over three hours.

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*14 April 11:00 - 17:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time => 13 April from about 18:00 - 14 April 00:00 US/Pacific Time.

**15 April 08:45 - 13:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time => 14 April from 15:30 - 20:20 US Pacific Time.

Can you send me a traceroute (via support) if you see this problem again, as well as a “normal” traceroute (when things are working)? If you want, you can also copy 47xnzrzD at veggiechinese dot net (one of my home machines – off our network completely) on this so that I can hopefully take a look at the return route to you while this problem is still ongoing.

I’m not aware of any network issues on our side that would have caused the problems you describe (and I imagine we’d have been hearing about it if there were an issue of this duration affecting a large number of people)

When you experienced these problems, were you connecting from the same network you posted this message from?

Many thanks for responding, Will.

I shall forward the traceroutes to you and Support if I get the same error message again.

Yes, when I experienced the problems, I was connecting from the same network I am posting this message from.

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G’day Will,

Earlier the problem returned, so I emailed Support, with a cc to you, the traceroutes. I could not use the control panel: when I tried to submit a support request, I got a couldn’t connect to server error. Anyhow, I hope my email has reached support and you.

Now I am posting this message from home (a different network). As you can see, I do not have a problem accessing DH/DH forums/my own site from home.

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I wish you were still there - I’m curious to see if the changes I made fixed things - I think they did. The outbound route was taking a different path than your inbound route, and I think there was a problem there. I “routed around it”, which I think may have helped. I can now at least reach the mail server for the domain in your email address from our network (looks like your school is blocking ping / traceroute to some extent, so normal tests sometimes don’t seem to show “normal” results).

This doesn’t seem to be a problem with our network or with any of our direct upstreams as far as I can tell (looks like it could possibly be a problem between Verio and

I responded to your email as well.

Sorry I missed you earlier, Will. Many thanks for looking into the problem and for getting back to me so promptly. In addition to your email, I have also received my ticket number from Support. I shall email you as soon as I have tested the connection from work tomorrow morning.
Cheers -

It is morning over here in Australia. The changes Will made yesterday have certainly made a huge (positive) difference. I can now access DH, my site, and other DH-hosted sites I know of - without a problem.
My sincere thanks to Will for resolving the problem so promptly and efficiently.

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