Server unavailable

We’re trying to reach and our websites but it times out.
I’m connecting through Verizon in new england. My partner through sympatico in Quebec.

The site is reachable via tracert, but nothing is being served back.

I cannot send a ticket because the panel is unavailable, and there are no other support options available unfortunately.

This is why you are supposed to check The latest post from today says that they are having network issues.

I just discovered the link and was coming back to edit my post. I appreciate the link too.

Fri, 18 Nov 2005

Network Problems
We are currently experiencing some network problems with our main router. This may cause some delays / timeouts in services at this time. The problem is being looked into and should be fixed as soon as possible. We will post more informaton as it becomes avaiable.

  • VERY bad timing though this time.


They’re having major problems this morning. It appears that some things are getting back online (such as this forum) and some email is getting through. Slowly.

I still can’t load and my website is not responding at all.

I am furious right now…I understand that “stuff happens” but it has been happening way too often with Dreamhost and I’m upset that the status page has not been updated since they first posted they were having a network-wide problem an hour ago.

People rely on me for their email and I need to be with a host that I can rely on. I think Dreamhost is great when it’s working, but reliability and support is just as important (maybe even more important) than disk space, bandwidth and a chatty newsletter.

I’ve had to create an emergency status page of my own on my ISP’s site to update those folks I host as to what is going on when email and my website are down like this. I certainly can’t send them to the Dreamhost status page since it is not updated. It’s embarrassing.

That message has been sitting there for over an hour. Surely by now they know what’s wrong?!?

It is also worth noting that the only way you would know that it had been “over an hour” was if you had checked it an hour ago.

This is the first time that I have even found a useful correlation between and a current problem, in “real time”, and for that I am grateful, but it would be much more useful if they would timestamp the messages.

As it is, a visitor has no idea how long the situation has existed, or how “fresh” the information is, except for the date…and when things are broken, that is not enough!


We added a timestamp to the status page messages today after you posted this, btw.

  • Dallas
  • DreamHost Head Honcho/Founder

That will be helpful to me, Dallas. Thank you for doing that.


Here is the repsonse I was given on the problems.

“A back-end database problem resulted in some users being wrongly
deactivated this afternoon. The database has been restored and we are in
the process of restoring all of the user accounts. Your website is up
and running now. If your email is down it will be back up in the next
hour or two.”

I find this very unexceptable and inexcusable.