Server unavailable Errors

Hi, recently setup with DH and setup gallery2 on my space. No problems at all!

However a number of friends trying to access my site (I believe it is on the euro server) including myself get ‘server unavailable’ errors - these are unrelated to gallery and also occur trying to access If F5 is pushed, the page reloads with no problems. The whole period is less than a second, but occurs quite frequently (otherwise I wouldn’t be bothering!).

Is this a known technical issue?

I’m not sure what kind of (or even if there’s an) issue here, but I, too, am a new DH account on the euro server.

I’ve seen similar behavior on occasion as well as having a third-party watchdog poller report my site unavailable a time or two, and my site’s response times seem to have increased dramatically since I started a few weeks back.

Toss in the multiple issues with Grizabella… :frowning: