Server Type?

How do I find out what server type I’m on here on dreamhost.

I need to order a digital certificate and they are asking me.

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You server “type” is either an instance of apache 1.3 or apache 2.x running under the Debian Linux operating system.

Some additional info on DH servers can be found in this DH wiki article

You tell which machine your server is running on by looking at the prompt in the shell, or by checking the Control Panel, where the names of your webserver is available under “Account Status” link in the upper right corner of the information screens.

Additional information about your particular server configuration can be obtained programmatically (phpinfo() is a start).


Ok, so I’m on winston. That means nothing to me. How do I know what server type winston is.

Please tell me what type of server Winston is on from the list of possibilities below that I am supposed to select from when ordering my certificate:

Apache + ApacheSSL
Apache + MODSSL
Apache + Open
Apache + Raven
Apache +SSLeay
Apache 2
C2Net Stronghold
Cobalt Series
IBM Domino Go
iPlanet Enterprise Server 4.1
Lotus Domino 4.6
Lotus Domino 5.x
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 & 6.0
Netscape Enterprise 3.51
Novell ConsoleOne
O’Reilly WebSite Professional 2.x
Deerfield (O’Reilly) Website Professional 3.x
Weblogic 5
Weblogic 6
Weblogic 7
Zeus Web Server v3

I already gave you the information you need to determine this for yourself. I cannot do it for you as I cannot log onto your server.

  1. You can get additional information by running a phpinfo() program and look in the Environment section under “server software” of the resultant report.

  2. You can log into the shell, and run a “curl -I yourdomain.tld” command to get additional server particulars.

  3. You can also contact support and ask them for additional info.

You should also review the DH WIki Article on secure servers and certificates so that you have a better idea of the process and how it works.