Server timeout message through Outlook

After 3 years of using Dreamhost through Outlook, yesterday i suddenly cannot connect to the server through Outlook (or through my iPhone if i’m on my office Wi-Fi). If i turn off the wifi on my phone i can connect through cellular no problem. Internet on office computer working perfectly. I can get my email through webmail. What happened? How can I connect again through Outlook?

Since you said “If i turn off the wifi on my phone i can connect through cellular no problem” it sounds like the mail server thinks the IP address of your office network is making too many requests. This could be caused by many things.

One thing you could try before contacting support is to connect to different wifi, and verify that things work normally (that would be our guess what will happen based on what you have said so far). Once you have confirmed the office network appears to be blocked on the mailserver, then you could use a service like to determine the IP address of the office. Visit that from the desktop with Outlook and from your phone with office wifi turned on. You should get the same IP address on both. Now open a ticket and ask support why your office IP is blocked on the mail server.

Email is down right now while hardware in the West data center is being changed (or so we’re being led to believe). I have dozens of accounts with hundreds of emails experiencing the same issues. Some devices can connect while others can’t. DH is not giving any estimate as to when this will be resolved. We’ve been down for two days now.