Server Time Settings


How can I change the server time to match my local time (UTC+08:00 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)? Please provide detail example and explanation. Thanks.

Try the guide here:

Note: You must have a VPS ar dedicated server, cot standard shared hosting as you need to run the commands with sudo/root .

Please let me know if that worked for you.

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You can also try this:


Thanks for your reply. I have added
SetEnv TZ Asia/Kuala_Lumpur into .htaccess file, but it seems doesn’t work. How can I fix it?

One thing I need to state here is that my site is built using Joomla. So, I can’t simply insert custom php script into it, unless I am very understanding how Joomla works and hack the code to modify it.

Joomla lets you set the time zone in the Admin panel under Site -> Global Configuration -> Server


Thanks, I have changed the time zone in Joomla. However, the chronoforms plugin still save the upload files with the original time zone.