Server time is Incorrect.....?

I use DH VPS.
Timezone “Asia/Tokyo” seted php.ini
but, time is 5 time lags correctly. and
time is 7-minute delay.

I’ve tried 3patterns

  1. Php.ini write -> date.timezone = “Asia/Tokyo”
  2. .htaccess -> php_value date.timezone “Asia/Tokyo”
  3. php script -> putenv(“TZ=Asia/Tokyo”);

results Was no effect… What a where are wrong
I’m troubled :frowning: thx…

Thanks for catching that! Should be all fixed now:

[quote]root@psXXXXXX:~# date
Fri Apr 19 14:20:59 PDT 2013[/quote]

Nekkar this same problem a few weeks ago, and it was expensive for me to track it down for free for DH (as this gentleman did) as it was breaking software. DH needs to run NTP regularly on their servers, rather than the (apparently) manual method being used now. NTP should be at minimum a daily cron on every server and at boot time, in addition to any other safeguards we customers are paying for DH to think of.

Does this issue affect multiple servers? I’m on fitch, and time is off 7 hours. Seemed like it happened earlier this week. My cron jobs are all off now.

I had this happen two or three times. The NTP daemon wasn’t set up correctly or misconfigured or something. The only way to fix it is to get Support to take a look. I think the default is UTC and Dreamhost is UTC -7, which explains the seven hour difference that I saw as well.