Server Status script -- running every x minutes?

So… I know there are some scripts out there that run every few minutes instead of on every hit on busy sites to reduce server load…

and I want to use my server status script in a similar way - I want to make it run every, say, 5 minutes and generate the html file with the up/down pictures.

I don’t want to use a dynamic script for this, because:
A) More CPU usage on the (DreamHost) box.
B) Can cause lag on the server being checked (the server in question is an open source project that at the moment is not very stable, and trying to connect to it a lot [if many people are visiting the status page at the same time] in a short amount of time can lead to very high CPU usage and sometimes a crash.)

Anyway, I have no idea how to go on about doing this… and is this even possible with DreamHost (running a script every 5 min)?

I did some googling before coming here and most of them mentioned ‘cron jobs’, although I have no idea what that is and none of them even give a hint about it.

Thanks in advance!

You need this!

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Thanks. :slight_smile: