Server Stablity: yedposterior

Just curious if anyone else on this server: yedposterior is having stablity issues.

I just recently started service with DH on Friday. And honestly, you’d think that a new account wouldn’t have so many problems straight away.

I’ve had nothing but issues with my MySQL databases, and FTP access.

The FTP works most of the time, but sometimes just times out, not allowing me to upload via any means (any program or from the web ftp).

MySQL has been down 90% of the weekend, rather than being down, it simply won’t let me edit. My site works, (uses mysql) but I’m unable to edit anything which accesses MySQL. In other words, editing a user, or a forum, no go.

I don’t really know what the problem is. At first, support was like “oh, your permissions got screwed up, its fixed” but it never fixed the issues. Then, they’re like “give us login so we can check for ourselves.” That would be fine, “IF” this problem was constant. They take so long to get back to us, the problem is not an issue when they check.

Again, I’m not sure what the issue is. Sometimes it works fine, then a few minutes later it won’t allow me to edit.

I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the MySQL server.

All these views, and not a single reply?

No one here on this server?

No admins able to comment about this server?

This is a vBulletin website btw.

So now when I click on Edit Users, and I pick a user to edit, then when I finish and click save, it times out, page cannot be displayed.

Did some tests, and went into Maitenance. I click on Repair/Optimize tables.

If I choose check all, and check every table, it times out and gives the page cannot be displayed, or page reset depending on browser.

If I go back and select a single table to check, it checks fine.

Yet I still cannot edit a user profile.

Which leads me to believe there is SOMETHING wrong with my permissions regarding editing mysql. I’m allowed to edit a single thing, but if that page includes more than 1 item, it doesn’t allow me.

I’m really at wits ends, I can’t figure this out, and support is giving me the good ol run around.

They want access to try it themselves…yet I can’t create them an admin account.


This was working fine Saturday, as I changed 4 users to a different user group. I went to change someone today and found this problem.

So apparently it was the permissions as I thought.

They did a regrant on my account and it magically worked.

This is the 2nd time they’ve had to regrant in 3 days. Not a good sign.[hr]
And it’s broke again.

Gotta love this.

most thread views are not real people, but RSS feeds. don’t rely on those numbers.

also, this is a forum for fellow customers, not an official support channel, so I wouldn’t expect much in your specific case because it seems like something that only DH support can help with.

one thing you might try is requesting a server move (both hosting and mysql). you can do this through the support section of the panel.

I’ve already requested this several times yet they keep ignoring it.

As far as this thread goes, I’m looking for people who are on this server to vouche for the stablity. It just seems really bad. I’ve had more down time than up with mysql since Friday (when I got service)

you can request your own server move in the panel. it can take a few days though. i’ve done it once and it was painless. i requested a move because the server’s IP was blocked in China, but you don’t need to specify a reason.

if you want to find fellow users, try finding out who’s on the same host (finger or websites like onthesamehost) and contact them directly. I’d estimate that <1% of DH customers are active on this forum.

the other question you should consider is if any of the issues you are experiencing are DNS related. I know you have stated that support has done a “regrant” on your account several times, but I’m not even sure what that means. Without further specific information however I would suspect DNS propagation to be your biggest issue.

Regrant regrants the permissions to the databases for mysql. Not sure what else it does.

It’s a permissions problem, as soon as they regrant, it works flawlessly. Then it breaks again shortly after.

They finally sent it to the mysql main tech admin to sort it out. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll just request a move.

I’ve looked for the move feature but I can’t find it.

I don’t have anything under support for such.

it’s step two or three of the submit a ticket link.