Server speeds - signing up?



I need a simple, good value multi domain account on which to host non-critical, small sites. Uptime needs to be 99.5% or better.

The value looks great but I have seen some recent reports of overselling and sloooooow server speeds. It seems that there was one recent incident that affected most users and took 3 weeks to resolve. Has the speed returned to acceptable levels more recently please?

Factual reviews appreciated.



A signed up about a month ago and it has been quite good since then. Like you, I dont have any heavy load site just a small phpBB board with 300 users and Im setting another one streaming some video and never got any problem.

The CP is a little slow sometimes and that can be anoying but when I think about how much I payed, well, I can live with that.

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Hi Dave,

In my opinion you have come to the right place :slight_smile:

DreamHost is a very good choice for those intending to host multiple sites under the one account. For all intents and purposes these sites can be kept independant, each having its own public root directory etc. The sites can be under the control of one machine/ftp user, or you can choose to place each site under a separate user.

About the only meaningful restriction you will have to consider is the CPU usage limit, with each account limited to 60 CPU minutes per day. In reality, you are unlikely to run into this limit unless your site(s) are extremely busy and/or you are running some dodgy un-optimised scripts, forum plugins seem to be a major culprit.

I can’t give you an exact figure on uptime, but since hosting with DreamHost I have only noticed a few very short outages. Once DreamHost is notified (via the Web Admin Panel), things are usually rectified very quickly. In fact, on a couple of occasions the outage was rectified before I had a chance to notify them.

Of-course, I can only comment on the uptime of my particular server (‘Bixel’), DreamHost has many hundreds of servers, so the uptime of them may be different.

The problems reported after the recent plan changes were initially thought to be caused by the influx of new users overloading available resources.

This turned out not to be the case. A DreamHost staff member reported that the problems were caused by an internal router that was not performing as expected. The router was replaced and (as far as I know) the problems went away.


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With the recent router issue solved it’s been ok for me. I think with your requirements you’d be ok with a basic plan.

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