Server speed


I am interested in moving my site to DreamHost. Everything they have to offer seems really good, except there is one thing I’ve heard bad things about: DreamHosts’s server speed. Several reviews I’ve read mention the overall lag that website’s on DeamHost have. Is DreamHost working to fix this problem?


I don’t believe there is an over issue with server speed. Sometimes a server may get boged down, but it’s not a persistant issue. If you want I’m sure people will be willing to post sites hosted here at dreamhost.

Here’s a few you can check out: - not mine, but a very good site. He also stores a mirror of the old K-base which is extremly helpful. - Scjess is a very active forum and wiki member and has a great hand coded site. - is my wife’s site, she’d be embarssed that I’m posting it here, but really it’s a very good site.

That’s just a few, but there they are - for what it’s worth.



There was a problem a few weeks ago where users on certain servers were reporting speed problems. The problem was tracked down to an internal router that wasn’t performing up to specs, this was replaced and the problem was apparently resolved.

Personally, I have never had a speed issue with the sites I have hosted at DreamHost.

For more examples of sites hosted on DreamHost, you might want to check out some of the previous winners of the ‘DreamHost Site of the Month’ award at the URL below.


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Something you have to consider with server speeds is that you are making connection through a great number of other server systems that DreamHost nor you will have control over. We cannot in all honesty expect a server half way across the world to be as fast as a server under the desk.

With all the servers that DreamHost are putting on line it is bound to happen that one server will be out on the tiles overnight and give a poor service until it has recovered. But that can happen with other companies as well. The DreamHost people seem to be a committed bunch and I feel that a problem with a server is going to be as much of a ‘personal thing’ to them as it would to us, and they always seem keen to sort out any little niggles.

The best thing is to try it and give it a fair trial for a few months. Take reviews with a pinch of salt sometimes just in case there is a personal axe being sharpened. If you do not like it then ask for your money back under the 97 day option and try elsewhere. But if you give them a fair trial I think you will be satisfied with the value for money.



Server speed is ok, its just that they have some downtime issues they are working on fixing.

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No recent downtime on my server.

Perhaps the downtime you have experienced is limited to your server?

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