Server software updates?


I have some code that relies on newer features of the RMagick ruby library for ImageMagick. I’d like to know how often tools like this get updated, or if there’s a reason why the installed gem version hasn’t been bumped since last year…

I’ve tried installing my own copy of ImageMagick & RMagick based on the wiki instructions. My RMagick works when I log into the console, but not when hosted on CGI/FCGI. I figured out that it’s because the LD_LIBRARY_PATH that I have in my shell environment isn’t available to CGI, so it can’t find my lib folder where my ImageMagick is installed.

See related support thread from another DH customer:
So, my questions are basically:

How can I vote to get the factory installed ImageMagick lib & RMagick gem updated and how likely is that to happen?

Or, if that isn’t gonna happen, what’s the “proper” way to work around the environment var problem? Is the hack in the thread linked above the only way?