Server 'snapple' slow

Hey, I’ve been observing some odd behavior for my domains, which are all hosted on Some domains show that their load time is on average about 4s, while other domains show that their load time is less that 0.4s. Most of the time, the load time for most pages is ok, but some domains more than others, show different load times, even though they are on the same server. Sometimes it can really get in the way, especially when load times shoot up to 4s and stay that high. I ruled out that it could be related to the PHP engine, since I pretty much set all test pages to have similar scripts. Maybe it’s a DNS issue?

I’m a little puzzled, so if anyone has seen similar behavior on snapple, or another server, please let me know, it would save me some time troubleshooting.


Is there a common thread between the quick and slow? Are all the slow pages DB backed? Or are the fast pages straight html while the slow are php?

There’s gotta be a theme to this kind of insanity!


it looks like some pages take longer to respond than others, sometimes even in the same domain. Some pages with no PHP or database requirements take longer than pages with heavy database loads. It’s strange… I’ll keep an eye on it, right now it seems like it’s leveling off.


Have you ever logged in using SSH and looked to see what the load on your server is?

I use the command “top” that will show you up time and current status. Others have many other options to see the same kind of info.

It may be that someone else isn’t playing nice on your server. Worst case, report it and see what support says.


[quote]other options to see the same kind of info:




They hired more support help.
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