Server Slow?

Is anyone else’s site running very slow tonight? FWIW I’m on Korben…

bryan | website

Everything’s responding slow for me. HTTP, MySQL, IMAP, and SMTP. As a brand-new user, it’s fairly discouraging. I hope this is a transient problem, and not a regular occurrence here.

I’m also on Korben and getting the delay. Traceroute is fast but transferring data is very slow. FTP stalled several times.

I’m running fine right now. DH is doing a lot of hardware upgrades and replacements, so the slowdown is probably related and temporary.

Yes, mine is still running very slow. If it is due to hardware replacement and upgrades, I wish DH would post that announcement somewhere :-. But at least I know it’s not limited to just my site right now…

bryan | website

I got an announcement about them replacing a hard drive on one of the MySQL servers a few hours after I’d started noticing some serious MySQL related problems. Minutes after the mail it was all good.

You can set the level of announcements that you’ll receive in the web panel > status > announcements


Thanks, I already had them set to e-mail me for all levels. However that announcement is not even in the Announcement section of my panel :frowning:

bryan | website

I was sent to only affected users, perhaps you were not affected :slight_smile:


New user here also and a bit discouraged with the speed of my site. I’ve installed the DH-provided WordPress as well as a couple other packages which use PHP and MySQL (Drupal, for example) and there is some kind of latency somewhere during the page loading process. I get the “waiting for” in the browser which just sits there for a second or two and then boom! there is the page. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of database connection delay issue or something. I’d point fingers at the Drupal (or whatever) for maybe being inefficient or causing the problem somehow, but since the official WordPress installs do the same thing, I have to assume it’s on DH’s end. Too bad there’s no way for me to really find-out what is going-on while it’s sitting there “waiting for”…

I have the same issue, delays at times. Others have said that DH is doing alot of hardware upgrades and hopefully that’s the reason for the slower speeds at times and this will all clear up soon.

I run ExpressionEngine which was blazing fast all the time on my old server so I know it’s not EE. I’m thinking the mysql servers DH is using is having some speed issues since other sites I have on the web server that are far less db intensive are a bit faster.

bryan | website

You described the exact situation I’ve experienced here at DreamHost since they’ve been hosting my site for about 3 weeks now.

My site takes quite a long time to load; I even conducted a polling of my site’s users, and 48% (at time of this writing) have indicated the site takes longer than 7 seconds to load. My site is admittedly database-heavy (PostNuke), but at my previous host, it took no longer than 3 seconds to load the entire site.

Here’s the poll:

I likewise did some experimentation. I created an HTML-only test setup in my webspace, and accessed it from my browser. And guess what? It loads in under a second.

I really, really hope this is due to hardware upgrades. I could deal with “a second or two,” but nearly half of my site’s visitors (myself included) have to wait over 7 seconds. Unacceptable. That 91 day money back guarantee may come in handy.

Do you have any way to test a fresh install of PostNuke? Your installation could have gotten to be corrupt somehow, you could have some large content being loaded, or you could have disabled gzip header compression. Either way, 8 seconds is considered the standard of impatience. Clearly you’ve never used 56k.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I may try a fresh install and see what happens. Like I said, though, an older (and less optimized) version of PostNuke ran fine on my old server, with the same database, and it was still much faster.

And I used 56k for a number of years :frowning: I think I got onto broadband right around the time the first ever version of MusicMatch came out.

I periodically experience similar agonizing load times, across different sites and apps too (Drupal, pMachine, two Invision Power Boards) so unless they all corrupt themselves and heal spontaneously I’m thinking something else is at play, in the MySql arena.

Interesting - thanks for collecting that data. Have you filed a helpdesk ticket with DH showing them 1) your data and 2) this thread (to show it’s not just you)? So far, you’re the only one with any real “data” collected that I’m aware of, so perhaps it would be worth contacting their support with the results.

Fortunately, I got-in on a sweet deal (the Crazy plan for $9.24 for the entire year), so I’m not real picky, but if this database problem persists, you can bet that 1) I won’t be renewing after the year is up and 2) I won’t be using this hosting plan for anything serious like a business.


Also Crack is running very slow at the moment. Shell input is taking about 2s to echo and POP3 fetch of small messages about 2s each.

I filed a help desk ticket, and I linked this thread. We’ll see what happens.

The way I see it, the $10 is a sunk cost. I need my site to function well, and I’ll spend my money in other places should it come to that.

Here’s the ticket I sent in:

"I know you guys are swamped, so I’ll try and keep this short.

My site is very heavily driven by a mySQL database,

To put things plainly, my site has been very, very slow. It’s not recent – things were slow since I you began hosting me last month. Things get worse in the evening EST hours.

I’ve conducted a polling of my site’s users:
As you can see, about half of my users indicate it takes over 7 seconds for the domain to respond.

My site is admittedly database-heavy, but the problem shouldn’t be this bad. I guess you guys don’t like comparisons, but my previous host served up my pages with a less optimized version of my CMS (PostNuke) in less time.

I’m apparently not the only one with this problem: ber=15449&page=1&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=14&part=

So, are you guys in the process of upgrading the database servers, or what? I certainly don’t want my site to always be this slow."

Good wording - it should be very clear to them what’s being asked. Now, whether or not they actually read it and follow the link to these forums is another story.

Just for additional data, I started working with my site at about 10:00am today and the speeds were OK – not fast, but probably about 2 seconds which is acceptable. Now, at noon, however, I’m back to the 7-10+ seconds EVERY load! It makes it extremely frustrating to try to get things done.

FWIW, static pages are very fast, so I honestly believe it’s the DB server that is causing the problems. I’ve tried several DB-driven packages, including the official WordPress install and I get the same slowness among them all, so I know it’s not the software.

Come-on, DH - lets see some improvement. It’s been a month now and I’ve seen no progress towards this issue…

I’ve been really disappointed with the speed of my site (just a phpBB forum at the moment) ever since I signed up in late December '04. My web site is on ‘zorg’ and my mysql database is on ‘felix’. When I test raw bandwidth (by downloading a file) it is sometimes slow (like <100 KB/sec) and sometimes fast (like >200 KB/sec). So the issue may be a combination of network bandwidth/latency and server utilization. Compared to my old host ( which I always considered so-so, dreamhost kinda sucks so far. I am really disappointed because I was expecting top-notch, premium hosting (after spending near $400 for 24 months of Code Monster)… which it is… other than the performance. I hope they do something to improve this problem, or I might have to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

Verrrrry slow at times. Sometimes I wait over 20 seconds to get any sort of response. (Drupal)

Once the page starts loading, it’s almost instantaneous. But the calls to the database seem to take forever and a day, sometimes. I never see this with static pages on the main server.

I wrote to inquire about this, too, and was told everything was fine on their end. My guess is that their database server(s) need upgrading, or the pipeline needs opening. With shared hosting, sudden bursts of “conueries” from multiple sites probably get backed up.

I’m hoping this will change, soon. I’ve never experienced such sub-standard performance from Dreamhost servers, until recently.