Server Side Includes

Hi all

I saw at the bottom of this site’s page: … a very cool little way for people who are new to the site to see what the hot topics are on the discussion board. My board (Invision) offers this same feature via a Server Side Include. I downloaded the file and opened it but it makes no sense to me because I don’t understand PHP and SSI. Can anyone help?

If the web page you want the feature to appear in is currently an .html file with no PHP code, its relatively simple:

  1. Rename the file from filename.html to filename.shtml
  2. Insert in the HTML file this HTML comment:

And thats it. Replace uri with the local-uri of the script. For example, if is the location in your browser:

Then you want:


uri must be local to the same hostname obviously.

It might help to provide a link to on-line documentation of the feature you provided. Usually one refers to SSI when they talk about how the Apache web server does it. Though programming and scripting languages usually have some type of include() function of their own and perhaps your Invision feature is meant to be used that way.

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