Server-side includes (SSI) not working

This should be easy, but I can’t figure out why it’s not working:

		Included html should be here:
		<!--#include virtual="included.shtml"-->
This is the included html

Any ideas?

Is the calling file also SHTML?

No, it’s html. Sorry, the post mangled it. See this:

Try naming the initiating file shtml as well.

If you want to use regular html files then edit the webroot .htaccess

AddHandler server-parsed .html

Ok, naming the initiating file .shtml works. But then every one of my html files would have to be renamed, and apparently it’s a lot more work for the server to process them. Also, my previous web host didn’t require the initiator to be .shtml.

I also tried “AddHandler server-parsed .shtml” … seems logical, but it doesn’t work.

The server is already configured to parse .shtml files. You need to set regular .html files to be included in parsing.

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Forget it… I did in Javascript instead.

sXi gave you your solution here:

Learn to follow directions.

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