Server-side help

Hi I’m new to web development as a whole, though i took HTML/CSS, Javasccript, and PHP track courses on Codecademy. I want to know more about how to, in 5 year old talk, get my website to talk to my server. what do i need to use? I have webpages written and ready, and I use Aptana as my IDE. I have my FTP setup in it too. Where do I start? I heard something about AJAX. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a million guys!

This should help you get started:

You can use our WebFTP (which uses AjaXplorer), but using an FTP client is strongly recommended. That wiki will show you how to connect, and give you some helpful tips for uploading your site’s files. :slight_smile:

OR are you asking about Server Side Includes? This is a method of inserting content from another location in your domain files into a web page (so your site would be “talking to your server” before delivering the content to the end user.)

Add to htaccess file:

Example of include code: