Server side filtering gobs of spam


Hello, I am getting tons of spam from
accounts and I just want to filter the lot. So I set up a filter to filter out them if they ‘contain’ that string.

However .link now filters out

So I tried regex’ing .link$

with no luck

Is there some way of doing better filtering then a hamfisted substring?


hmm… that is a bit weird. Could you post your filter rules?


I’m setting this up via the ‘manage email’ interface within the dreamhost webpage setup area. There is a filters section.

The filter is if ‘From’ contains ‘.link’ – then delete

If I change that so

‘From’ contains ‘.link$’

it doesn’t pay attention – I don’t think it recognizes regex

Is there another way to set a mail filter?


Hmm. On a hunch, try filtering for messages which contain “.link>” in the headers. (That is, add a greater-than sign to the end of what you’re currently searching for.)

I suspect the sender for these messages will appear in the message headers in standard email format, e.g.

So you can effectively use that greater-than sign to limit the match to showing up at the end of an email address.


And - that seems to work.

Thank you!

On a related and somewhat irritating note – apparently google is moving (?)


Maybe they are setting up the worlds biggest spam network.


Not moving, just setting up a parent company to house all the parafanalia they don’t want under the Google brand.
It’s fairly common practice amoung some businesses to re-shuffle their corporate structure.