Server responsiveness?

Hello all.

I am very close (!) to transferring all my stuff (3 domains) to DreamHost. Presently I am hosted by Spray/Lycos in Europe. Server responsiveness and page access time has always been good with my present hoster, but for other reasons I wish to switch.

How is in general the opinion on responsiveness, from clients abroad (non-US)? I have shopped around for information, but it seems difficult to find conclusive answers as so many parameters affect server response and transfer times.

Please comment. Both good and bad reviews, please?



I’m living in Denmark, and I’m very satisfied with DreamHost.

It is very hard to give a conclusive answer about server responsiveness and page access time as it’s a somehow subjective matter.

My suggestion is that you create an account (you can use a free subdomain) and try it out yourself. Don’t forget you have a 97 days Money-Back Guarantee.

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