SERVER Problems

I can NOT access my websites.
I can NOT ftp to load new files.
AND… I can NOT even get into my account to send a message to Support.
What is going on ???
Is any one else having problems ? ?

The web-panel does seem to be having problems right now - as in not loading at all, and someone else just posted about it as well. So there’s something going on with their central systems that’s effecting the panel. I’m sure DH is working on getting the panel fixed, and then you’ll be able to send in a support request.

–Matttail - personal website

It seems to be up and working now so the problem is already solved. That was quick :slight_smile:

I seem to be having the same problem now. The page just times out when I try to log in.


The DH forum was also down. I think DH had some problems for a short while yesterday.

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