Server problems today?

I’ve had multiple errors come up this afternoon (as of 5pm, German time), mostly they have been “Internal Server Errors”. Could it be because some of my pages include PHP scripts such as ‘include’ or a PNG transparency fix which I’m testing? It’s weird because most of the time it was working properly but then I would reload the page and it would give me the error about 10 times in a row and then the page would half-load and then give errors again a few times.

Also, other pages WITHOUT php scripts are refusing to load today, or even give me the error that it cannot find my URL.

Is DreamHost having some server issues today or something?

is it the 500 internal server error?

Exactly… I’ve gotten about a hundred of them today.

I found this on a google search

A 500 internal server error is an error which happens internally, inside the server. As such, the actual error is deposited in your server error log. Check your server error log the next time you see a 500 error. It will shed more light on what’s happening, and 99% of time it’s solved by upgrading whatever PHP script you’re running.
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