Server Platform for ionCube installation

Hello guys. I am trying to install install ionCube for my site, but I need to know what server platform I have. Below I have a list of available choices. Please advise.

Windows (x86)
Windows (NonTS) (x86)
Linux (x86)
Linux (x86-64)
Linux (ppc)
Linux (ppc64)
DragonFly (x86)
FreeBSD 4 (x86)
FreeBSD 6 (x86)
FreeBSD 6 (AMD64)
BSDi (x86)
NetBSD (x86)
NetBSD (x86-64)
OpenBSD 3.7 (x86-64)
OpenBSD 3.9 (x86-64)
OpenBSD 3.8 (x86)
OpenBSD 4.2 (x86)
OS X (ppc)
OS X (i386)
OS X (x86-64)
Solaris (sparc)
Solaris (x86)

Appreciate any help

Well, only you (or support staff in response to a support ticket( and tell for sure, but it will be either:

Linux (x86)
Linux (x86-64)

You can tell by looking at the top few line of phpinfo() output in most cases, and in others by running "uname -a from the command line in the shell.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thank you very much. I will try both of them.