Server PHP.ini

Hello to everyone
I’m having trouble with the 7mb upload limit.
I need vendors to upload files to sell on my site and most files are in the
7-25 mb range. now I don’t feel comfortable to edit the php.ini file my salve,
and looked in to other options. But in my case there are not really any since
I use a alpha point system and the files are auto posted. The only work around for this would be uploading a empty folder or dummy product and later exchange this (FTP)with the real one. This is a rial problem with customers buying the wrong thing.
So hire is my question!
Is there somebody out there to do this for me, bump up the server PHP.ini upload limit to 40mb?
And of coarse what is the cost of this service?
Please let me know
Best Regards Wolfgang Gessl

sXi has a very nice script that will help you with this:

Please try this so you won’t have to rely on someone else to maintain your site. If you have trouble with this script, reply here and we’ll try to help you out. For free.

Thank you so much Scott it worked like a charm.
From 7mb to 20mb
Now I need to figure out how to increase the max upload size from 20mb to 30mb
Also 20mb maybe is enough already I need to try first and see what is needed.
Sincerely Wolfgang Gessl

You’ve already got a customized php.ini file and you should be able to change upload_max_filesize setting.


I have the same Problem.
with this Script now i have 20MB max upload
but where i can find this php.ini for editing?

i have not found in my folders.

Please help.