Server overloaded?


I found that my hosting is slow in both upload & download.

I can’t download from it at more than 400KB/s (and less than 300 most of the time) and with non regular speed.
Even from/to very fast servers on the net.

So i’v setup phpsysinfo and i found that both cpu & ram are overloaded.

Is it the same for you or it’s only on formosa server ?

Here is the test website to test speed/phpsysinfo :

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am i the only one with speed problems ?

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I have auto responders and they are slow, but not my site

Can you show ma a link of your website with something to dowload to see if it’s only my server (and maybe also install ) ?

Gallery 2.0 is also very slow.

Why giving 1TB of bandwidth if we can’t reach it, even by downloading 24/7 ? :frowning:

I just want 120GB (and even less) but fast.

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not just you. I was noticing the same thing for my server, slauson. My uploads/download peak at about 115K/s.

[spit] dgabler >wget ‘
=> `ruysser-swing-25.jpg’
Resolving… done.
Connecting to[]:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 780,438 [image/jpeg]

100%[======================================================================================================================================>] 780,438 121.21K/s ETA 00:00

09:36:21 (121.21 KB/s) - `ruysser-swing-25.jpg’ saved [780438/780438]

Not real fast.

Now if I copy that same file ON slauson
[slauson] dgabler 9:38am Fri ~/>time cp ruysser-swing-25.jpg rs25.jpg
0.000u 0.030s 0:16.44 0.1% 0+0k 0+0io 124pf+0w

To add to all this, I just switched to dream host and a few downloads on my site fail before they reach 1 mb. They’re succesffully uploaded too. I don’t think the server I’m on is slow atm, but it’s not pleasing to have downloads failing. Will make distributing hard in the future.

I’m pretty sure wget is reporting kiloBYTES per second, not kiloBITS per second (hence the capital K) - you’d multiply times 8 to get the kbps. I’m bad at math, but that’s actually about a megabit (pretty fast)… and this limitation is probably on your connection.

From a pretty well connected machine, also in LA:
$ wget
=> `vernon_dacosta_remix.mp3’
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 12,314,280 (12M) [audio/mpeg]

100%[====================================>] 12,314,280 600.33K/s ETA 00:00

14:47:03 (609.15 KB/s) - `vernon_dacosta_remix.mp3’ saved [12314280/12314280]

(that’s about 5 Mbps)

This site can do the calculations.

My connection is a quite a bit larger than a megabit. I did three tests.
test file was on "fat pipe"
Fat pipe -> Dreamhost
Fat pipe -> hosting matters
fat pipe -> home.

Hosting Matters was about 600KB
Home about 500 KB
DH about 115 KB.

DH had a shorter route and ping latenceys than HM did.

What is really trippy:
have that file on your DH account. SSH in and do a simple copy “cp a b”. See how long it takes to make that copy. Looks like a CPU or IO throttle is being used.

Yes Kilo Bytes I would agree B is usually Bytes, b is bits, typically unless they break from convention.

I am just trying to figgure out why things are “slow”