Server optimization for WP on Dreamhost VPS: mod_php + xcache? FCGI?

I’m trying to optimally configure, a WP driven site, from use on my new VPS.

On this page: - under “WordPress optimization” I see a couple pieces of advice.

  1. “If all domains are set to use FCGI or CGI for the PHP mode, you may safely deactivate mod_php in the PS configuration to save a good deal of memory. All modern PHP applications will run fine exclusively on fcgi.”

I currently have mod_php off, running fcgi.

Then, in VPS -> Configure server, I see:

“Removes mod_php from the Apache web server. This will save a significant amount of memory if your site serves a lot of static content. PHP-intensive sites may benefit more from setting all domains to use mod_php in Manage Domains and enabling a PHP cache.”

These seems to be contradictory. One is telling me to turn it off to save memory, the other suggests I can benefit from using it on PHP intensive site. Which would be best for mine?

  1. “Please keep in mind that running Super Cache alongside xcache can actually drive memory usage up. It’s best to pick either one or the other and use it solely for your caching needs.”

I’m currently not using a plugin-cache (Super Cache), but using xcache.

However, here:

The conclusion is: "Ultimately, it seems clear that the supercache + nofcgi version wins out. " Does that mean, since I’m not using supercache, but xcache, I should use xcache + nofcgi? In other words, mod_php + xcache?

Sorry, just a little befuddled…