Server Not Found

Whenever I try to access my page it says server not found. I put an index.html page under the folder on my ftp, but I can never access it. When I go to the domain page on the panel it says that it is fully hosted. I just get server not found. can anyone help?

Without more explicit details, such as the actual domain or url you are trying to reach, there’s not much we can do.

If you can give me the domain, we can look into this for you! My shift is almost over though, so if you’re not able to get back to me in time, you can always submit a ticket to our support team for some in-depth digging: :slight_smile:

You might try refreshing DNS for your domain. Go to Manage Domains, click DNS and there should be a GO button on the next page. To give better help tho like everyone else says… supply the domain name.

This is probably the most likely scenario. If you have just registered the domain, or even subdomain, it could take several hours before you’ll be able to see it due to the way DNS changes propagate.

I think bobcat is right. Most likely you have just registerd a new domain and it will take a few hours for DNS propagate. Probably everything will be fine by the time you see the replies from us :stuck_out_tongue:


Curious to see if the problem has been resolved for you? If not I’d be more than happy to help.
I would just need a domain name or an account number associated with the account.
I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hey Guys. Sorry to get back to you so late. I believe it was the DNS because it ended up fixing itself. My under constuction page now comes up.

Thanks for the follow up and I’m glad that your site is working now :slight_smile:

We’re also glad to hear it all worked out! When it comes to DNS, patience is key. :slight_smile: Just let us know whenever you have any questions, we’ll always be here to help!


I get this message even though I renewed my hosting. I have renewed my domain and they moved my site from one server in Cali to another in New York. Can I just get another domain name and keep my same site? Renewing this domain name would be to expensive for me.Thanks.


Wait you renewed it or you didn’t? What’s the domain name, most of us are just users like yourself and have no info unless you tell us. I’m sure you can put your existing site under a new domain name, depends on what kind of site it is… did you build it with wordpress?


Like Lakerat said, I would need your domain so I can bring up your account and check it out. You can definitely get a new domain name and transfer the site over to that but to further assist you we would need the domain name.

I’ll be awaiting your response :smiley:

Justin H
DreamHost Staff