Server not found

I tried to redirect my website so it goes directly to the forums i set up at, but then i was getting an error. I choose to dismiss the redirection, and the dreamhost setup told me that it will take 5 minutes. But i’m still getting the Server not found page when i try to enter to my website. It has been a couple of hours now, is there something i should do by now ?

Thank you in advance.

It sounds like you used the Manage Domains section here to add redirection, and now the entire site is gone since you removed the redirection. Does your domain still show up in Manage Domains? It should show up as Fully Hosted. You only get one choice in Manage Domains for how your site responds. You can’t have Fully Hosted and Redirected.

If your site is still in /foro, then you should Edit your Fully Hosted Domain so it uses /home/USER/ as its web directory.