'server not found' after moving domain

Hi all,

Recently signed up for Dreamhost, and absolutely how simple it is to manage.

I recently tried moving over several domains I had parked with GoDaddy, and the first one went fine, and it is now parked here using Dreamhost. All I did was change the nameservers it pointed to to the ns1, ns2, etc.dreamhost.com.

The first one worked just fine. I then added a second domain I had, and it shows up in my cPanel that dreamhost has it hosted, and then I selected for it to be parked.

However, every time you go to the url you get a ‘server not found’ error page. Also, you can not see the FTP server either.

This was about 5 days ago I did this, and the site is still not appearing. I even tried repointing the domains to the GoDaddy a second time to see if that would fix it, and it didn’t.

Any help would be appreciated.