Server names?


I’m on “ike”, which I can’t imagine as being a street name.
I also suspect it has more to do with a “South Park” character than the dead US President of the same nick.



Those are what Dreamhost calls dataglobs.

There is some background discussion on dataglobs and their use on Dreamhost also in various forum posts (just search the forum for “dataglobs”) or take a look at this post by Dreamhost Head Honcho Dallas.



I guess it is like rlparker said; The DreamHost folks went through various ‘phases’ in their naming, LA street names, Sth Park characters etc.

It must be difficult to keep coming up with original names at the rate that DreamHost adds servers :slight_smile:


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I’ve heard that all have been named “That piece of sh*t” at various times.

They claim it’s a pointer to the broken one(s). It’s a term of infection… I mean affection.



Many years ago (1998), I was on a Dreamhost machine named Jezebel - though she was commonly referred to as “Jezebel, that fickle b!tch!” :wink:



thanks rlparker.
u should also clean some of those dead client sites on your homepage.

BUGabundo :o)
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Liquor, too: absinthe, bourbon, cognac, scotch et al.



he he… isn’t that the truth! I’ve hardly looked at that monstrosity in the last 5 years, and I really should fix it, as it is pretty pathetic. Some of those clients have “merged” with other companies and have “new” sites now, while one or two no longer maintain their sites. None of those sites have been built since 2000 or so. I really should pay some attention to it, as it is “really bad” right now.

My only excuse is, “The cobblers children have no shoes”; I’ve been so busy with doing other sites for new clients I have not even maintained my own pages. Yikes! :wink: