Server names and designations

Hi. I pointed my domain name to DH and need to know if I have to change "A " and Cnames? if I don’t what wont happen it what will happen? Next week im going to try and figure out my email set up and would like to know if what im askin needs to be done to make it work. Thnx.

if you changed nameservers to dreamhost, then the panel should manage all your normal records for you.

You mention cname tho, if you have something special there, you may have to recreate it yourself. Do you have a specific cname record created for a reason? or where you just asking a general question?

lake, I pointed my domain to DH, and did change NS, ns1,ns2& ns3. What I did not do was transfer the registration. I just checked Yahoo and noticed my “A” & CNAMES are with Yahoo servers. I’m having big trouble getting my mail on my Android. The ports are 993 & 465. I’m using IMAP. Do I Have to any thing with Squrril Mail or do I Have to do something about Yahoo? When I was with Yahoo they had to verify or something to enable me to get mail on my Android. It was possible. Help, good buddy, how do I do it?